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Difference in Manual hubs?

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I went to a salvage yard the other day to get a new hub. They had one truck that seemed to be a 98-00 model. I couldn't really tell cause most of the body was gone. I went to pull the hub, and instead of a snap ring on the end of the cv, there was a brass 12m bolt and washer. I know the ADD cv's have the large bolt on the outer portion, but I'd never seen anything like this on a manual setup. I went ahead and took the hub since nothing really looked different on that end. Has anybody ran into this?
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did they have any more>
would you see if it is a v-6 or 4cyl
I need some things
P/S pressure line for sure
is it a auto-tranny or manual?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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