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I'm already planning on what I'm going to do to my '07 Dbl Cab Sport 4x4... Even though i don't have it yet! Anyways, I've pretty much decided on a Fabtech 6" Lift with 35's... I think it looks awesome and since i don't do any CRAZY wheeling I'm not that worried about loosing the performance off-road. My question is this: If I was to get the Fabtech Lift, would I be able to substitute the Dirtlogic Shock for another brand, say King or Fox?
Anyone care to give their opinion on this thought? Also, can anyone provide a comparison (first hand) of the ride with the 6" lift and dirtlogics vs the stock ride? How is the damping with the shocks? I go to glamis a few times a year and want to be sure that there is enough damping (rebound) so I'm not flying all over the place cruising down the sand highways.
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