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Disable a/c compressor on defrost mod

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I'm hoping someone knows which wire I can "modify" to disable the a/c compressor from coming on automatically when defrost is selected and only come on when I push the button. I know there's certain times it's beneficial to use but I think I'm capable of deciding that for myself :confused:
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Heatstroke said:
You don't really want to do that.
Yes - I do really want to do that :) Have background in hvac, EPA refrigerant certified Univeral & Section 609, blah blah blah. Hence: "I know there's certain times it's beneficial to use but I think I'm capable of deciding that for myself" Also I've had no problems on previous vehicles that didn't have the compressor tied-in to the defrost switch because I knew when to use it. But yes I guess I'd agree that if someone doesn't know/can't remember to run the compressor every now and then they shouldn't disable it (hopefully they will have the need to run defrost).
IMO - I think the automakers were getting owners who didn't/wouldn't read the owners manual complaining that the defrost wasn't clearing the windshield so the automakers re-designed to accomodate for those people, kind of like idiot lights instead of guages.
If I had the wiring diagram I'd figure it out myself and post it, with a disclaimer of course for those that require that sort of thing.;)
Nothing personal, just didn't want others thinking I didn't really want to do it anymore and not post the answer if they have it.
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Thanks for the tip!

akshunj said:
Just out of curiosity why do you want to disconnect it? The ECU disengages the AC clutch under hard acceleration and some other situations.
When I just want to heat the windshield to maybe thaw out around the wipers so they won't tear when turned on. Or just simply to blow warm air up and over instead of through the vents w/o having the compressor run. Also maybe to help mileage on a long road trip when just needing a touch of defrosting that can be handled w/o the compressor. Or maybe I'm just a control freak ;)

FYI for anyone that's interested - the compressor/refrigeration system pulls moisture out of the air as it flows across the cold fins of the evaporator coil, that way the air is drier and can absorb more moisture as it flows up onto the windshield area (in a nutshell).
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