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Disabling a loud beep

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Hey guys, my 02 double cab makes one really loud beeps when i lock and unlock it using the keyless entry. It seriously echoes off the other houses and people down the street look trying to figure out what it was. I know toyota added this to help you find your vehicle in a parking lot, but my remote only works if i'm standing less that 10 feet away from the truck. So there's no point in this beep. Just wondering if any of you know how to disable it or have a link to a write up. Thanks
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What Toyota alarm do you have. I did the piezo mod from the customtaco site and then later found instructions on how to disable it in the owners guide. I have the RS3000 - so if you have the same and don't have a book I'll post the instructions or send you a copy. It's just a matter of pressing the right buttons in the right order.
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