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jdmann22 said:
You know when you open the door with the key in, it does that incrediablly annoying beep. What Wire can I pull to get rid of that!

Well to keep the alarm function that keeps the doors unlocked if you have the keys in the ignition, you have to remove the 'beeper' itself... if you don't care about that function, you can snip one of the wires going to the ignition cylinder...I believe blue is the color... refer to this thread:

removing the 'beeper' itself is a tedious task, ask me how I know... involves some tricky work taking the front panel off of the fusebox, removing the circuit board (that controls all kinds of gizmo's in the truck) and unsoldering the 'beeper'.... then reassembly... not for the faint of heart!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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