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Door handle seal - loose?

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I was cleaning off some excess wax from the door handle and found the rubber gasket between the door handle and the door was kinda loose on the passenger door. Only on the top, the sides and the underside are snug.

How does this come loose?

If water gets in through there would it get on anything important or just leak out the bottom of the door?

Do you think I just need to pull the door panel and tighten up the mount bolts or what?

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Easy but tedious to get in there. Plan on bustin some of the body clips on the interior panel. Popping those clips was scary; sounded like I was gonna break the truck. Big PIA was the window crank. Real mofo poppin the retainer clip.

Exterior door handle might be obstructed by the window, maybe not if it stays rolled up. Been a while; hard to remember.

I have to get in there once in a while because of the window track, so I tossed the body clips and velcroed it back. Easier on the panel.

Plan on 25 minutes to get in there first time.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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