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Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma ext. cab SR5
Year: 2001

Engine: 3.4L, V6
Trans: Manual
T-Case: Stock
Front Axle: IFS, SAW 2.0's.
Rear Axle: Bilstein 5100 shocks, Alcan AAL
Tires: 255/85 R16 BFG KM2's
Wheels: Cragar soft 8's, 16x7 w/4" back spacing

Other Mods:
KC lights
brushguard (i hate that thing, horrible approach angle)
Taillight guards
UWS deepwell toolbox
used to have running boards and mud flaps but not anymore...

Future Mods:
4xinnovations sliders w/KO
Locker in the back
Shrockworks front bumper
high clearance rear bumper

here is the suspension components I'm going to be using (minus a little of the hardware:

Other random Pictures:

Thats about all for right now, until I get the lift and tires installed...

I'm installing the lift today...but still no tires or wheels yet :( Prolly have them in about a week or so...

I'll post some lifted pics up later tonight or something

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well the lift is on...but not the tires or wheels

here are some pics from the install but i was ony able to get pics of the rear installation and then like one after pic...

tearin' down

putting in the new AAL

C-clamps were pointless when you have an adjustable jack

one side almost done

old and new 5100 billie

The shock mount that gave us the trouble... but we got it all straightened out

BPV almost on

had to add a little white washer to the top of the ext. brake line to prevent it from slipping through the slot

putting anit-seeze on

pretty much the only decent pic of the "after" lift....still not leveled out..finishing tomorow

Levled out for now...from the ground up the front is 37.25" and the back is 38.25"

It rides great, its nice and firm compared to my 140k OEM shocks and coils. The install took about 4.5 hours. we had a little trouble with one of the shocks. I put the body down to keep the shaft protected and also left the boot on for now. It also was a little difficult to adjust the coilovers, too much tension when on the ground and hard to get to when jacked up.

I got to go back and finish up leveling her off tomorow and get it aligned. I measued 2.25" of lift for the rear. And now from the ground to the fender flare it measure 38". The front measures 37.25"

The wheels and tires should be here sometime next week b/c i haven't ordered them yet but i have talked to the two companys to make sure the are in stock. I'm going with the 255/85 R16 BFG KM2 and some 16x7 w/4" bs cragar steel wheel.

well thats all for now...check back in later for wheel and tires pics :D

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Well the day after i put the lift on I figured I would go out and flex my junk a little to try and break in the AAL. The front isn't going to flex until I take the sway bar off, my dad isn't to big on that idea. He understands how dangerous it can be, but doesn't understand how safe it is with the new coilovers. Also just a few other random pictures.

My wheels came in today, it took less than 24 hours. I ordered them off of and they have a warehouse in GA and since i'm just a hop across the border i guess it wasn't too hard to get them here within a day. I was a little surprised though, i didn't exect it THAT quick.

Well anyways, here are some pics...

I'm probably going to chop the exhaust this weekend and maybe, just maybe do the pinch weld mod to clear for the new tires. But i doubt i'll have time for that.


I got a chance to take the sway bar off the other day and flexed the front a little bit... Also that day I put my friends 32" all-terrain spare tire off of his jeep and put it in front of my wheel... man I really can't wait to mount my wheels and tires up...

here is some with my friends spare in front of my wheel

Also test fit the new wheels, which did rub a slight bit so i started gringing down the caliper, but realized it would be easier to just grind down the back of the one hole that rubbed, so i did. but here is a pic of the caliper i grinded down a little.


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Well i finally got the tires on and they rub a little bit in the front and the back, so i'm thinknig about getting the relocation plates and also cranking my coilovers up a little more to level it out and of course do the pinch weld mod (done).


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Took the doors off!

Well this past thursday me and my friends took the doors off my truck. It was nice weather at the moment and I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw GOT COPE's truck without the doors.
Removal: The actual removal wasn't bad at all. You have to take the long narrow floor panel and the kicker panel out to get to the two quick disconnect wires for the door. Then there is like 4 bolts that connect the doors to the hinges and then there is the one bolt that acts as the limiting strap for the door. Overall it was easy and well worth it in my opinion.
Time: It took only about 10-15 minutes to take the doors off, that is with my friends helping. However, it did take about 30-40 minutes to get it back on. The trick that helped us is that my friends has a hydraulic lift in his garage, we used that to hold up the door while removing and re-installing. I know not everyone has a hydraulic lift in their garage, but we did use a regular floor jack for the first door so...

here are a few poser pics of it. didn't wheel with them off, just rode around town getting a bunch of looks

and here is a pic that was dark so i just went ahead and edited it so it looks weird

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Trail-gear bumper and XRC8 winch

I'll apologize in advance, all these pics are cell phone pics because my camera isn't working right now...

How it sits now. Still need to do something with my blinkers. Im planning on using the stock housing and putting it where my bulbs are hanging from now. You can't really tell in this pic, but the way i mounted my solenoid box on the winch, i had to cut my grille up so it would fit in there. Nothing major, and in all honesty i probably had enough wire to mount it behind my grille. But i like how it is now.

no winch...

I like how far it sticks out

Smittybilt XRC8 winch

Bumper after first coat of paint

Pics with real camera...

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