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Hey guys, I've been lurking for a while now. I just bought my 2018 tacoma offroad back in December and it came with king offroad racing front and rear suspension and icon aal pack. Last weekend I upgraded just the leafsprings to deaver stage 3 leaf springs and now have a noticeable vibration accelerating to 25ish mph, and when decelerating it starts at about 15 mph and gets very noticeable at 5-10 mph. The vibrations are also the same in 2wd and 4wd so I don't think a clamshell bushing would fix it.
So I didn't realize it was a thing before to check driveshaft angles because there were zero vibrations before. (I also realized while doing all this that it already had about a 1/4" shim on the carrier bearing)
So i bought a digital angle finder and zeroed it out on the Transfer case flange.
Then I put it on the first shaft and it read 5°
Which means my first pinion angle is also 5°
Then I put it on the rear shaft and it measured 7.2°
Which means my middle pinion angle is 2.2°
Lastly I zeroed it out on the rear diff flange and put it back on the second driveshaft and it read 8.2°
So that tells me my rear pinion is 8.2°

So I know I need to put a degreed shim under the leaf springs but I'm just not sure what it's supposed to match. I remember reading on here I think that the rear pinion angle is supposed to match the angle of the first drifeshaft which would mean I need a 3° shim to make it 5.2°. But I also thought I remembered reading that the pinion angles need to be less than 3° Which would mean that I need a 6° shim and to possible adjust the shim under the carrier bearing. So I'm just a little confused as to what's correct. Thanks for everything guys
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