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I have an 06 DC 4x4 that I purchased new. I never noticed any vibration issues with the stock supension. About two years ago I installed OME 885 coils, add-a-leaf and front and rear OME shocks (plus new UCA's). I do not have the rear TSB done to this truck. For around 2 years I drove the truck and did not notice any types of vibes that really caught my attention. Its a lifted truck so the rides definitely stiffer then stock, but nothing bothered me while driving.

I should note that I've used my truck for a lot of landscaping projects for my home over the last couple years. I've hauled probably 10-15 loads of mulch and 3 loads of sand and it usually would compress the rear all the way down to the bump stops. I recently noticed that my left rear OME shock is blown. The bottom half of the shock is coverd in black soot and the rear alex below the shock looks to have a oil stain. I believe the shocks are oil filled so I'm assuming a seal has busted and the shock it pretty much dead.

Anyways, not sure if the blown shock is related, but over the last month a driveline vibe has developed. I feel it in the floor board during take and while driving. It is more noticable on take off. I took it to a mechanic and he thought it was the CB worn out. I've read through most of the drive line threads on here and started to diagnose the issue.

I measured the driveline angles starting by zeroing on the T-case flange. I then measured the 1st D/S, 2nd D/S and rear pinion flange. I had the following measurements: T-case flange = 0, 1st D/S 6.1, 2nd D/S 5.8, rear pinion flange = 3.9up. I used a Wixey digital degree finder and double checked with a second digital degree finder and was able to duplicate my measurements. Based on my research, I plan to adjust using axel shims to get the rear pinion flange closer to zero or maybe even 1 degree down to account for axel wrap.

I also measured the amount of lift I currently have and the rear sits about 1 inch higher then the front.

Also, I've already ordered 3 new spicer u-joints for the D/S and a new CB that I will be installing over the xmas break. I wanted to fix the D/S angle before I installed the new u-joints and CB.

My questions are:

1. If I want to adjust the rear pinon down 5 degrees do I simply install 5 degrees shims (fat end foward)?

2. Is it normal to have the rear pinion pointing up with an add-a-leaf? I thought most lifts were causing the rear pinion to point down.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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