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hey ive got a noise comming from my drivers side front wheel area. as far as i can remember its been gong on since ive put the lift on this past august. my first inclination was that it is the trie rubbing on the a arm (32x1150 on stock 15x7's) but there is not tire wear on the side walls. plus i only hear the noise when im gong above 30 or so. some times makeing turns back and forth on the hwy will create the noise other times its absent. my only other guess would be a wheel bearing since it happens whether hubs locked or not. its a cyclical noise real dull rubbing ro grinding noise. doesnt really sound like metal on metal but im listening to it from inside. pass side can barely hear it. any ideas would be great.

if you think it is the bearing how hard is it to do at home?

thanks a ton
D :confused:
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