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Drivetrain lift

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Are there any kits for Tacomas to move crap up and out of the way after a body lift. A guy I hunt with has his engine, tranny, transfer case, gas tank, everything moved up 3inches so its out of the way after his body lift, but thats on an old IH Scout and he fabbed it all up himself since he rebuilt it from the frame up. I don't have that luxury, but I'd still like to get at least my gas tank up and out of the way, and the transfer case too...they catch on shit and make me look bad :eek: Sometimes I feel like I should have gotten a reg cab from a wheeling point of view, but then I think if I could get this stuff up and out of the way it would help significantly.
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drivetrain lift

This guy did exactly what I believe you're asking about to his 4runner. I'm sure that with a few differences you could do the same. I'm actually going to buy his body lift kit and then I'm going to do a similar drivetrain lift to my reg. cab. Check his site out, he knows his stuff :welder:
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