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I found an extra case so that I can set up dual cases. The only information I have on the case is that it came out of a 1986 Toyota Pickup 4x4, 5 speed 22r. Based on this I believe it is this case: from marlin's bible:
Type 2-B Carb 4Cyl

•Installed 4/1984 - 8/1988
•Forward Shift, 4.5" offset
•Shifter Block Off Plate
•Tall Style Case
•10mm Flange Bolts
•Quiet Run Gears
•With Bearing Retainer Clip
•21 Spline Input
•27 Spline Outputs

I have the L43 case in my 79 with the funky input gear. School me. Will this be a good set up? L43 adaptor to the 86 case
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