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E-locker skid...

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Other than AOR(Advanced Off-Road Research)..does anyone know where I can pick one up..Randy at AOR says the fabricator of these is MIA...I would like to have one if someone can help me find one..Thanks in advance
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Both FROR, and AOR use the same manufacturer for the skids.. Both of us have had no luck in finding the guys who makes them. For now, nothing is available.
wisctaco04 said:
Makes sense. What you are saying is I have a part on my truck that has increased in value! Wow, that never happens. My guess is someone could pretty easily copy the design since it isn't that intricate of a part. Any takers? If some one buys me the laser cutter I will volunteer my time to make them. Was the original maker using the name M.O.R.E on them?
It was R.O.R.E., But the Guy is MIA.. I wish he would turn up.. I could really use those skids!
hytenor said:
are the production numbers too low for you guys to make them and sell them for a decent price?
No, we don't like to knock off someone elses parts and call them out own.. It's happened to us by a few of the bigger shops, and it really sucks! I would really like to build a skid for the e-locker, but I don't know how it would look to RORE, plus we actually helped Rauri with his design a little.. It's really hard to re-invent the wheel, and not have people point their fingers. If RORE is defunked, then I guess we might go ahead and do something. I would like to find Rauri, and get his OK first..
TacoCrazy said:
Agreed, but at what point do you leap?..People are asking, he's not to be found, what do you do?? I understand the situation, it's a tough call..Hell, just make me one, I won't tell :D
I talked to the steel manufacturing/laser cutting plant that builds the skids for RORE, they are going to explore a few different things for me to get a skid going.. I should know more tomorrow.
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