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I'm just almost ready to purchase some wheels for my taco... I want Weld Mountian or Stone Crushers but, due to recent job changes my wallet may be leaning torwards the Eagle's since they look almost the excact same (the 1029's look excatly like the Stone Crushers) as the Welds do.

Anyway, my question... I found a set of 16x10 for a real good price but the back spacing is 4.5"... With 33's or similiar metric tire sizes will I get the FAT look that I'm going for?

I want the tires to stick out beyond the fender flares but I think I've been reading that the best back spacing would be 3.75"

Does anyone have a pic of their rig on 15x10's with 4.5" BS??? Anyone with experience think they can tell me about how fat or wide these will be?

P.S. - is a BFG TA 305/70 R16 about the same as a 33" x 12.5?

Thanks in advance for all replys and advice.


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