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Beacon is another location in Columbus on the East side (near Eastland Mall). It is located near the intersection of Hamilton Road (317) and Refugee Road. Formerly the land was privately owned, and 'wheeling there was definately ok. We've even had Columbus Police helicopters hover over and watch us, and as long as people weren't screwing off, they never said anything...just watched. Recently I have heard mixed stories about whether 'wheeling is still permitted. I spoke with the CPD Seargent when working at their substation one day and he said that they were trying to discourage the vagrants from setting up camp there (there are several squatter camps located on the property, and the homeless people bring in their junk and trash the place). He told me that if a CPD officer stopped you there, they would probably just tell you to go home for the day, because the homeless were complaining that they were being run off, but the off roaders were not. Later I heard stories that the park service purchased the land and that rangers were running people off. But, I continue to see muddy trucks coming out every weekend, so until someone tells me to leave, I'll take the word of the CPD Sergant that I spoke with.

As for 'wheeling, if you like mud...Beacon is the place. There are LOTS of big, deep mudholes. There are a couple of really good creek crossings. Not alot in the way of big hills, but there are some small steep ones, and some tight trails through the trees. far as I know it is still ok to go there, but don't be surprized if you get run off. If I get any more definate info I will post it here.

As for entrances, there are several:

1: Take Hamilton Road South just past Refugee Road on the left hand side, there is a small market (right behind the larger shopping area). Pull into the driveway and go around to the back of the market and you will see the trail.

2: Take Hamilton Road South just past the market (entrance #1) there is a dirt path to the left that leads to the trails. Some people parked their trailors here when bringing quads/dirtbikes. At times I've seen a cable blocking this entrance.

3: Take Hamilton Road South, Turn Left on Refugee Road. Turn Right into Midas Muffler. At the back of the parking lot on the right is a small grassy hill. Go down the hill and you will be on a small blacktop area. Turn Left and follow that into the woods. There are a couple of trail entrances here.

4: Take Hamilton Road South, Turn Left on Refugee Road. Go past Midas Muffler and turn right at the first apartment complex entrance. Go along the right side of the apartments. Toward the back right corner (near the dumpster) is an entrance. Also, if you keep going aroung the back of the apartments there was another entrance about in the middle in the far back.

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