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If you want some background on the truck look here:

Just you basic stock 2005 Tacoma DoubleCab Short Bed :D

The current issue was my wife and I had recently purchased an EdgeStar Fridge/Freeze vs. the ARB for cost reasons. The problem is this thing was large.

When I say large mean it would take up half the back seat when in use. This wasn't working for me so I decided to do something about it.

First I removed the seat bottom, then the seat back, then the plastic crap taking up more room.

Was left with something like this:

So I made a rack to host some secure tie-down points:

Then reversed the hinges on the fride so I could tuck it closer to the back of the cab and not need room for the lid to clear when opened:

Swapped out the handles for some brackets made of angle:

Then mounted it in the truck:

Relocated the latch:

Floor storage still works:

All in all I gained tons of interior storage back by removing the seat and other crap. Gonna add some dynamat to help deaden the road noise, but eh...its a wheeler!

Thanks for looking!

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Its an Edgestar FP430. Works really nice. Used it all summer but it was always in the way...not any more :D
one downside to this is no ice for mixed drinks.....
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