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Just figured I'd post them, or at least the effects I was getting prior to cleaning it.

When cold: (effects amplified more than when warm)
-much lower on power
-sucked significantly more fuel
-NO ce light (120k never cleaned MAF)
-When going slow up small hills (30mph) it would have a slight 'bogging' feel, but other than that the engien smoothness was 100% normal.

When warm the symptoms weere the same just not as bad.

After cleaning it and SeaFoaming (I seafoamed 30k ago so it probably wasnt a real big deal) the effects were wiped clean. I got a CE light for a few hours then its been gone since.

The light may have been due to my dumb-ass, lol I forgot fo put the sensor back in when I reconnected the battery so the cpu may have detected it and held the code for a while for some reason. Even though I reconnected the sensor within a minute, it was there for a little while probably classifying new info or somethin. Toyota ECU's have the reputation of 'learning' shit about how it runs (piggyback ecu's become useless atfer a little while in some applications). Alot on that on lextreme.

So yeah, figured I'd post them.
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