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Can someone enlighten me as to the peration of the EGR system?

I understand why it's limit the NO production by the engine at high combustion temps and pressure. I know there's a vacuum actuator that tells the valve to open and that the two compontnts are separate. I assume vacuum pressure opens it (the more vacuum the more it's opened). WHat pulls it closed? Spring tension within the valve like on the throttlebody?

I'm having a misfire issue I think is related to the EGR valve getting stuck open at low engine temps and pressure that's causing this misfire cyls 1 and 2. I've pulled codes of 300 (general misfire) 0301 and 0302 (misfires in cyl 1 and 2) and an excessive EGR flow it was p0402. When I rev to 4k at half throttle or more it (I think opens the EGR Valve fully then lets it slap closed). This normally clears the issue...but Just had it happen again except this time I didn't try to get it (the misfiriing) to stop by flooring it...I just let it run its course and the cel came on. Eventually things sorted themselves out and I have to double check that the codes are the same.

Anyway, is there possiblility of cleaning the EGR valve instead of replacing it? What's the likelyhood the actuator is just bad?

any thoughts?
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