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electrical problems always kickass!

Buc23 said:
My new to me 91 rnr has an electric bug that is killing me. The power mirrors and the rr-defrost do not work. I haven't had the time to undo the dash and door handle and look into the sources yet. The rr-wiper do not work either. I replaced the motor, but that didn't help. The front wipers work fine. I was wondering if anyone knew of a common problem with these trucks. Maybe a master relay that controls more than one circuit?

Thanks for the help!

ps: If this post if in the wrong forum please move it as needed.

i don't know of any master relay or anything like that, but the 1st thing I would do if there isn't 1, is get 1 of those current testers or whatever they're called and test the power wires for each component and see if there's a short somewhere that may be causing all of these luxiourious features not to work, hehehe. However, in order to test all the wires necessary, you'd need a complete wiring diagram so you could pin-point which wires you'd need to test. I'd try and get a hold of a FSM for that part. I'm sure the FSM will be able to tell you if there's a master relay as well. Peace, Wes
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