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My son got himself a 2wd 86 pu as a first truck. He has done a good bit of updating stuff, plug wires and the usual easy maint. work.

Truck started to run like hell, they thought it was fuel related. Much swapping of more simple parts, fuel filter, etc. Truck started rough, idled very rough, and was running ultra rich.

I told him to not touch the carb dials, as the truck HAD been working fine. Started mulling it over, and bought him a new O2 sensor.
He installed it, and the problem did not go away. So, I told him to run it to the mechanic I have used for a long time; a good honest guy.

Called me up and said the truck was a liar. It started working fine about the exact same time he got to the shop.:rolleyes:

What happened; the O2 sensor was bad. It took the truck a while to clear out, and for the new sensor to come online and for the primitive computer to adjust settings correctly.

So, I give you this tidbit if your truck starts running rough suddenly. It was a $30 fix, and easy to do for my son.:)
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