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factory wheels for sale

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I have a set of six spoke factory alluminum wheels off of a 2001 tacoma for sale. They are in excellent shape. They were on the truck long enough for me to drive from the dealer ship to the tire store and get new wheels and tires. If anyone is interested let me know i maily just wanna get them out of my garage!!! I'm wanting around $300 and will only sell the whole set.
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Here is a picture of the style im talking about but not the same rims for sale. The ones for sale are up in my garage and in better shape than the one in the picture. The one in the picture is one of the ones i have a set of my tires on. I'm wanting around $300 and will only sell the whole set.
Yeah they are 16x7 with the factory markings!!!!
ill check

i'm not sure how much thatll cost ill check asa soon as i get back home. I'll get back to you on monday
any idea

any idea on about how much those may weigh????
No they have gotten lost in the shuffle. But i will see what i can do bout getting some if your really interested.

I got them weighed tonight, and they weigh in the neighborhood of 21 lbs. or 20 point something. so lets see what we can get together on shipping prices.

make me an offer.
well are you still interseted???
thatll work

Yeah $250 will work plus shipping like you said. Who did you find to ship them and are you sending money order or check? I tried to e-mail you and it wouldnt go through for some reason so my address is P.O. Box 377 mt. vernon tx 75457. when you get ready to mail that check just call my cell again and let me know you are sending it so i can be expecting it.

the wheels in the pic. arent the ones that i am selling. I beleive i said that in a previous post. But i Do have a set of originals off another truck. I took as pic. of that wheel because it is on my truck i drive now and it was easier to walk outside and take a pic. of it then it was to go in the carport and up into the attic get them down and take a pic. of them.
Ready Yet

Just wondering if you were still iterested in buying??


guess not!!
dont know how to use ebay and thought this would be easy but this guy keeps saying hes sendng the check and i havent got anything yet. Been like a month or two it seems.
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