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factory wheels for sale

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I have a set of six spoke factory alluminum wheels off of a 2001 tacoma for sale. They are in excellent shape. They were on the truck long enough for me to drive from the dealer ship to the tire store and get new wheels and tires. If anyone is interested let me know i maily just wanna get them out of my garage!!! I'm wanting around $300 and will only sell the whole set.
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16" wheels

Do you have any idea how much to ship to the west coast? My zip is 97302.
I don't think thay are more than about 20 lbs each. I assume you have the center caps and lugs? Thanks.
lugs and caps

Don't worry about the lugs and caps, I might have that problem solved. I'll let you know on that. Thanks
Sounds good! Let's touch base when we figure out shipping costs.
I talked w/ the shipping co. today, $104.00 to ship. Please let me know if you want to sell.
Yes I am. Would $250.00 do the trick? Are you willing to take them to get them shipped?
01taco4x4, Do you still have these wheels? Did you see the post on the lugs and caps. I think I've got the lugs and caps handled. I'll send you the $250.00 plus the shipping charges if your willing to ship them. Let me know. Thanks, Nate
Done deal

I know that mrbigbri has the best of intentions in his post, but I have personally talked with the owner of these wheels and have been assured that the wheels are genuine. Thank you for the heads up however.

I'll get a cashiers check to you right away. The shipping co. is Oak Harbor Freight Lines 800 422-8948. Feel free to E-mail at [email protected] for shipping info.
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