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Will Knox said:
Anybody know what the average instal cost for ARB bench job ( take the empty housing to the shop ) on a Dana 44 or Tacoma third member. Any information would be apreciated.
~$150 is what I recall if you you bring in the 3rd, Arb & misc parts/ install kit-

I've seen that number fluctuate +/- $50 bucks for basically just the labor-
I would be skeptical about going to the lowest bidder-
Best advised is to find a reputable, Experienced shop

Shoot John (Murderman) an email if you have any questions-
Its in his best interest to facillitate your install since he is buying your 4.30's.

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i paid $300 for my rear third member install(truck at shop)
I then regeared and paid $250 and the ARB was swapped over(left truck at shop)
I paid $200 for the front diff install(off the vehicle)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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