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I was thinking about getting a 4.88 front Diff UNKNOWN gear brand to trade for 4.30's. Based on this info is there anyone interested in trading or buying this diff from me?

"I wanted to make sure this thing was OK before I sold it to someone, so I pulled it out of the shed and gave the thing a feel. I was getting the feeling that something was wrong internally so I pulled the thing apart to find that one of the spider gears was cracked. I put some new(used) spider gears that came out of another diff with 30,000 miles and set her back up. There was some metal in the case from the cracked spider gear, but I took the whole thing apart ang cleaned it up pretty well. Also, take note, there are some scaring on the carrier from when my friend, whom I bought this from, busted his ring gear before installing the 4.88s, but it is just cosmetic. I want to be completely honest about the condition of this thing, before it goes to someone else. It is, now, all put back together and ready to go."

I dont own this thing yet but was thinking about buying it for the purpose of trading for 4.30's or selling for like 200 pluss shipping from PA 17554. Anyone interested?

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