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*Feeler* 98 Tacoma 4x4

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98 Tacoma 4x4

Hey there..

I have a 98 Tacoma 4x4 reg cab that i am putting up for sale
The reason i am selling is that i have recently purchased a daily driver and i can no longer afford 2 insurance's and i no longer need my truck. No longer a feeler post..this truck is for sale~!
98 regular cab
Blue interior
2.7 4cyl
110k miles
2.5" toy tec lift
32x11.50 Sport King A/T (~60 tread left)
15x7 black pacer rims
flowmaster 40 w/ delta flow exhaust
Rubber floor interior (carpet replaced)

The truck was involved in one accident about a year and a half ago. The other guys insurance repaired all damage (mostly cosmetic) and truck runs fine
When i replaced the carpet there was no guide to help cut out the new interior so there are 2 mis-cuts but aren't very noticeable and can be fixed.
The driver side seat also has a tear in it but not to big of a deal if you get some seat covers.

Mostly a street queen didn't see much off road (2-3 times most and it was sand one time)

I don't have many pics right now i will get pics of interior tomorrow

Located in Raleigh, NC and Greenville, NC ( East Carolina University)
Asking $6,000

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Damn Sick deal! Nice looking truck, Wish I had a bit more in the bank, Id just add this to the fleet of toyotas in the driveway lol. Free up
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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