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Feeler: New Shop

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Ok, TTORA....Being a Tech for over 20 years, I'm ready to do something.
I'm getting the shop "itch" after working for other people and running shops
I am going to start planning on opening My own shop.Including an off road DEPARTMENT=Fabrication!

It will be a "full service" repair facility including Toyota/Scion/Lexus, Japanese, and even some GM and Ford consideration.
I will be looking close to home in the Webster/Friendswood area = 45 South
For a suitable location or possible "new" construction.

The most important thing for me, Is to hear from all of you and any input/ideas you would want in a Service facility.

Thank You for Your consideration.

Joe P.
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10% off Parts and Labor all TTORA members

I talked with my Parts and Service Managers for a 10% discount for all
TTORA members vehicles!
I have the shop to Myself in the afternoons on Saturdays.
Kinda got sidetracked with a bunch of Check engine lights to do last Saturday.but still managed to get James' front shocks & align done
Got My c.v. boots warranty replaced from the people that Do our shops service. The inners on both axles Split after trying to follow Mitch and Harold around at Spring Creek!

Just Pm me when Ya'll want to come in.

I appreciate all Your interest and feedback, I am looking foward to Servicing Your needs .

Thanks Ya'll
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rock on man!
Open this Saturday

I'm coming in this Saturday, If anyone needs anything lemme' know.
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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