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Few Q's About Chevy Spring Swap Shackle Set Up.

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I have a 98 Reg. cab curently lifted about 3.5-4" in the rear. I have stock leaves w/a fabtech aal that sagged and a 1.25" block. I realize i need 63" chevy 1/2 ton springs from year 88-98, and I saw that CornfedSuspension makes a front hanger so the front is taken care of but for the rear i'm confused on what they mean by double shackle. In a sense it sounds like a revolver except the factory one just chills flat against the frame, therefore moving the rear bracket back so i dont have to chop it up and weld a new one, but what shackle do i add onto the factory one to make it a double? Do i get that 2" one they have on Cornfed? is that the one i'm supposed to add to the factory one, if so how much lift will that give me. I'd really like it to sit level like it is but it seems like it's a real picky deal. Thanks guys.
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Do you have a spacer/coilover lift up front? I was under the impression that the 63" chevy spring swap lifted the rear around 5 inches over stock, that is the only thing that is keeping me from swapping them onto my Taco. If you search past posts, it seems that the 63" chevy springs give more lift than you can make up for in the front without a suspension lift via drop brackets like the Trailmaster and fabtech lifts do.

Someone in this thread mentions that just the 63" chevy springs give 3" of lift. My truck is a '97 with the shorter springs, so I guess I would have to either run a double rear shackle to move the mount back cheaply or relocate the rear mount and use a stock Tacoma length shackle to keep the lift not as high.
KStacoma said:
You dont have to use a double, a long single would act like a double is what everyone says i think.
true, but those of us with only spacer/coilover lifts are limited to 3" lift up front and want to minimize the lift that the Chevy springs give us.

I really think I'm going to try this and minimize the lift so that the rear is no too high. Until I can get around to doing a SAS, it will give my Taco a lot more flex (in the rear at least). I'll just run a double shackle setup for the rear mount and take the overload leaf out of the Chevy leaf pack. That should hopefully keep me to 3" of lift and not any more. Now I'm really glad I ordered those longer travel Pro Comp ES3000 shocks for Taco's with 4" of lift. I'll probably be using that extra travel and length if I do the Chevies.
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