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I have been cleaning up around the house and found a couple of things that maybe someone might have a use for because I don't.

1. I have a hitch off a '92 Toyota Pickup ~ $75 obo
2. Alpine V12 amp MRV-F505 6way built in crossover 4 channel
Good for mids and highs, but can push 10s and 12s ~ $125 obo
3. Stock '99 Tacoma Headlights ~ $75
4. Stock '99 Tacoma Corner Lenses ~ $25
5. Stock '99 Tacoma Bumper Lenses ~ $25
6. Stock '99 Tacoma Tail Lenses ~ $50
Should have them out by the weekend - I'll post to let know
7. Stock '92 Toyota Pickup Mirrors ~ $25

Kind of a long shot, but my mom has an extra stock bumper off her '94 Mustang Cobra. It's red and the paint has spider cracked so it would need to be repainted. I think all she wants is around $100.

I'm located in Blue Ridge, VA. If someone is thinking about shipping my area code is 24064. Hope to hear from someone. :D
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