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Finally lifted...

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Spent yesterday afternoon installing my lift pieces that i have been acquiring slowly over the last year.

I am now running:
OME 885 Coils
Stock TRD Sport shocks front and rear
Alcan add-a-leaf
Total Chaos UCA
295/70/17 Nitto Terra Grapplers
17" OEM Tundra Aluminum Wheels

The wheels seem to be key, they have about 5" of backspacing and I get very little rubbing, about 99% of what I was getting was eliminated by trimming those big goofy black things that hang down at the front of the fenderwell off of the inner fender liner.

The best part is that all of my shopping around and patience really paid off, I got everything above for $1080 including the tires and wheels. :)
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That is one PRETTY truck! :bhitit:
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