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Hey there guys, I just thought I would share with you that I finally ordered a lift kit. If you don't remember me asking here is the thread where I ask about a lift.

Now after much back and forth, and back and forth I finally decided to go with the cornfed 3" spacer with Procomp rear AAL's, and the Bilstein HD upgraded rear shocks. The kit also comes with the Brake proportioning thingy, and front diff drop. So I think im set. I was going to go with the Toytec lift, but Their kit didn't come with optional shocks included, and I didn't feel like hunting any down. Plus the cornfed kit was $30 off. Sorry toytec guys, but maybe if you add shocks as options to your kits it might help for future customers. Anyway I wanted the Bilstein 5100 rear shocks, but NOBODY has them so I settled for the HD's. I can't wait to get it and install it. I hope I don't run into any problems. I have done an AAL kit on my old truck, but never a coil spacer lift. Is there anybody near me in the Springfield Illinois area that has any idea where I can get a spring compressor, or am i best to just take the coils off, and then take them to a local shop to compress them? Last but not least, does anybody have any idea if 285/75/16's will fit with this 3" lift? I am willing to buy wheels which i kinda want to do anyway. As soon as I get the lift and get it installed I will be sure to post pics.
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