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firestone/bridgeston MT sizing, rim advise

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Aight fellas. I'm pretty much canning the idea of worried that i won't get the amount of wear out of them i want. I'm going with a less aggresive tire that has been proven to last 50+k miles. That would include BFG mts, GY mtr's, and the bridgestone dueler and firestone Destination mts. I like to be a bit different than everyone else so i'm not going with the BFG ot GYs. nothing against them but i do think they tend to be overpriced.

Is the an appriciable difference between the bridgestone and firestone tires?? the website lists that the bridgeston has a couple features that he firestone doesn't. they are some kinda noise canceling technology and radial wrap that aids in high speed stability. The firestones run cheaper than the bridgestone.

Now sizing. Fellas at work run 265/75/16s a/ts on there stock rims and seem to have no problems. My question is if i decide to go with a mickey Thompson Classic II rim in 16x8 will that make the tire shorter? If so will iit be short enought that it woun't rub on the pinch weld? Would he right BS be 3.5 or 4??? Tire shops keep telling me that they wount order taco bolt patterns in 15" cause they hit the brake caliper so i'll probably have to go with a 16 if i order a tire package locally. I'm shopping around so if i can order the rims on the net cheaper and have the tires mounted locally that's how i'll get the 15"rims.......i'll prolly have to run the stock wheels till i get the extra coin for the M/Ts anyway.

Has ANYONE ever had a problem with 15x8 MT classic II's not fitting?

What bs is everyone running. sticking out a little would be just fine so long as it doesn't get to bad. i don't get to little and rub the upper control arm. so would 3.25,3.5 or 4 be right.

sorry bout the long post. i'm just trying to make the best decision. maybe it'll help someone else out also.
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I have 33x12.50 Bridgestone MT's with about 28k miles on them(baught them with 25k on them) and I would say I have about 60% tread left on them. Really great tire and quiet.As to be exspected,they don't perform as good as my swampers did,but then again,I only got about 8k miles out of them.
cartman308 said:
wouldn't expect them to touch Swampers in the mud. but i'm sure they'll outlast them. Which Swampers did you have???
I had the swamper LTB's. As far as back spacing goes,I had a BS of 3.25 on my steel rims that were 15x8 with a 34x10.5 swamper and they did not stick out at all see here
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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