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I have a pair of manual hub spindles with Aisin hub assemblies off a 1997 Tacoma with NO ABS. I was going to install these on a 4Runner I had but got a Tundra instead and don't feel like making custom CV's to put them on there. These will fit on 1996-2004 Tacoma's and 4Runners. Would also fit 2000-2006 Tundras if you used the outer CV from a manual hub truck.

Bearings roll smooth, with no play, and hubs move and engage/disengage freely. CV's not included but you can buy them new or rebuilt at Autozone for $75 each. This is a way easier approach to converting your existing spindles to manual hubs and they are getting rather hard to find.

$350. I am located in Flagstaff, AZ.

Pictures are on Yotatech:
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