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Not sure where to put this, either in Tech or Off Topic, but its relevent to either...

Im sure some of you out there use Flex-a-Lite after market cooling fans for your Taco's or other applications where you want a quality cooling fan. The company is based out of the Tacoma area, right down the road from where I live. Heres the problem:

A company based out of Michigan called Specialty Auto Parts USA has copied the exact design of Flex-A-Lite's products, and to make matters worse, they contracted poduction out to a Chinese firm. They then import the counterfiet product into the US, and sell them about a hundred dollars cheaper. Not surprisingly, the Chinese knockoff's are breaking left and right due to poor manufacturing. And the final kick to the nuts is that the Michigan Company puts in the literature that comes with the fan Flex-A-Lite's 1800 help line.

The Solution:

Our Senators out here in WA are sponsoring a bill that will strengthen trademark laws and allow stiffer punishments for counterfieters, but thats still in the works, and honestly Im pessimistic about its usefullness.

Theres no real way to tell the difference between the fans by the average eye, mostly just different wiring colors, etc. The surefire way to tell if your getting the knockoff is by the price. Flex-A-Lite's fans usually run about $200-$250, while the counterfiets are about $150. Please, If your in the market for a fan, spend the extra green and buy the REAL fan that is made in AMERICA by AMERICANS. Flex-A-Lite has publically stated that they could cut production costs by offshoring, but choses not to. Lets help these guys out. BUY AMERICAN.

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