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Fluid change questions

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I am going to change my diff fluid as well as my transfer case oil. I went to Advanced auto and was going to buy MOBIL 1 but I realized that "Lucas" is 2 bucks cheaper so I decided to use it. The question is:

What does everyone think of Lucas products and do I need any special additives for the rear Diff b/c of the locker.

I am going to get 75w-90 GL-5 and use if in the transfer case and both Differentials.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I personally do not like any additives in oil other than an LSD additive on certain carriers. I have found certain additives cause oil to collect or collect by themselves in certain areas of the motor. I have used Lucus in my big block Cummins for some time as an oil additive and I feel it is just to thick to run through certain areas even when heated and can cause more problems than you want. I now use no additives in crank oil in my Kenworth or Taco or transmission of my Tacoma. With all the fine synthetics on the market there should be no reason for oil additives. Run spec weight, choose your oil, follow service intervals or shorten them for severe running. Just my opinion but this is how I handle my heavy & light equipment.

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