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Fog/drive Lamp(s) Floor Switch

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Do you ever get tired of leaning over and switching off/on your driving/fog lights while driving ?

Here's an idea that I just did in my Tacoma.

Get a foot switch like the ones found in old cars from the 60's and install it.
I installed one in my 01 Tacoma 4x4 just under the small foot rest pad next to the kick panel. Had to drill two small holes and cut a small round hole in the foot pad carpet. Its works Great! (see very small pic)

I left the lighted toggle switch and spliced one wire to make it work. Leaving the toggle switch "ON" use the foot switch to controll your fog/driving lights.

This is the part and it cost a wopping $8.40. The part number is DS70 Switch / Dimmer by Standard . This is found at any parts store .


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My buddy has a footswitch like that in his '64 Willy's to control his high/low beams, I always thought that was a great idea. Wouldn't work so well with a manual trans though.
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