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Fog/drive Lamp(s) Floor Switch

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Do you ever get tired of leaning over and switching off/on your driving/fog lights while driving ?

Here's an idea that I just did in my Tacoma.

Get a foot switch like the ones found in old cars from the 60's and install it.
I installed one in my 01 Tacoma 4x4 just under the small foot rest pad next to the kick panel. Had to drill two small holes and cut a small round hole in the foot pad carpet. Its works Great! (see very small pic)

I left the lighted toggle switch and spliced one wire to make it work. Leaving the toggle switch "ON" use the foot switch to controll your fog/driving lights.

This is the part and it cost a wopping $8.40. The part number is DS70 Switch / Dimmer by Standard . This is found at any parts store .


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Yeah when i first got my 66 Mustang my lights kept flickering...... took me a minute to figure it out.

Anyway you can also wire the driving/fog lights into the highbeams and have an inline switch to give them power or not so they are only on when you want them on and not everytime you have your high beams on.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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