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For Sale 1995.5 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab 4x4

Price = $6,000 Firm
Location = Roseville CA 95678

Well I have upgraded from my old Tacoma. This by no means indicates that this one is not trail worthy. There is nothing wrong with it mechanically and has been very good to me. Hopefully it will bring someone some very good times. Here are the specs.

- 1995.5 Toyota Tacoma 4x4
- Regular Cab
- 3.4 V6
- 169K miles
- 5 Speed Manual
- Cold AC

- 4.56 gears front and rear
- Rear ARB locker
- Open Front Diff.
- 33in BFG MT 75% tread
- Manual Hubs
- Adjustable Coilovers
- 1.5” Spacers
- Custom Rear springs from 4x4 Spring shop in Rancho (can’t remember the name sorry)
- Extended Diff Breathers

Body Armor
- Custom Rear bumper made by me
- Trimmed rear bed sides for extra clearance
- All Pro Sliders

Extra Goodies
- Hanneman Fiberglass Front Fenders
- Pioneer CD player
- 6/9s Pioneers behind seats
- 6in Sony explodes in Door w/ tweeters
- Bass Tube behind seat
- Radio Shack CB under CD player
- Low Profile Truck Box
- High lift mounts on Box
- 48” High Lift
- CB antenna also mounted on Truck Box
- PA Speaker under hood
- Front tow Hooks
- Rear shackles welded on
- Rock Lights under doors and between rear bumper and axle
- Spare manual hub CV w/ boots
- Quick release removable doors
- Downy Air Intake

- I just finished doing a roll-on-paint job within the last few months and it looks pretty good. I have extra paint that I can give you in case you jack it up.

The great thing about this truck is that it is perfect for someone who wants a reliable Daily Driver but wants to shift gears, hit the locker and wheel pretty much where they want. You buy this truck and it is ready to wheel NOW. You don’t need to add anything. However there is still plenty of stuff you can add.

For an IFS Rig I have been able to go almost everywhere I wanted. For those with little wheeling experience this is a great rig to learn to wheel with. I am sad to see it go but like I said I have just out grown it.

Since I know this thread is worthless w/out pictures, there are some below. If you would like to see most of the trips I have been on you can click on MY PICS on my signature.

Thanks for looking.
PM me if interested!

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I would buy it in a instant If I wasnt leaving next week :(
Im gona go cry now.

Bump for a great truck.

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Ok here are some extra pictures with some explanations to them. I know some of you who are interested are comin quite a ways to look at it/possibly buy it so I will try to be as detailed as possible. I am trying to be upfront about everything.

Passenger bed Rear

Passenger All Pro Slider welded on

A look at the Front Springs and Spacer

Manual Hubs and Front Tire yes all 4 rims are spray painted and need a new coat

a good angle for the front fiberglass fenders broken blinker lens (thanks to Moonrocks) still works though

Front View

Driver's Side

Rear bumper and side protection

Bumper welded on in 4 places (It aint goin anywhere)

Good look underneath the Bed. Look at inner bumper/.hitch supports and rock lights in the rear.

Rear End

Steering rack

Borla Exhaust

Cab drivers side

One of the removable door hinges

Rear speakers

CB external speaker

Stereo, CB, unvacuumed interior


Switches for the rock lights (I left them in here because A) I couldn't decide where else to put them B) I wanted them somewhere I wouldn't accidentally turn them on in the day.

Rocklights underdoor

Optima red top

engine compartment

ARB Compressor/PA speaker

Big ass Downey offroad intake

ARB Switches

Probably the only thing that I think you might be concerned with is the drivers side spring. It is slightly bent. However it still flexs fine and has carried quite a load since being bent. Moonrocks.

This is the rear crossmember that the rear rocklights are mounted on. It had this weird kink in it when I bought this truck 3-4 years ago. Never once had a problem with it.

Wiring Harness if you want to tow with it

Lite-n-bolts for legal issues. I got pulled over here once for not having lights on the plate. The bolts have two LEDs in them.

Truck box

The only thing that still needs to be painted

Passenger side cab interior

OK let me know if anyone wants anything else. I am trying to get this thing sold ASAP.

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went to the bank today to see if they will finance it will know tomarrow give me a call man 541-815-9921
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