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I know there is a possibilty of opening a can of worms here but I have got to ask.

When I drove domestic, I preferred Ford over Chevy. So instead of using the "standard" chevy 63" rear springs as aftermarket springs I was thinking of looking into Ford springs.

Bad thing about that is I don't have much experience with Ford suspension since I was into speed in my youth opposed to offroad performance as I am now.

Does anyone have any ideas of what Ford truck models may work when installing my solid axle up front? I already have the front figured out, I just need a cheaper option for the rear than a custom set from Deavers or Alcan. Am I totally off base? Are the Ford springs flatter than Chevy's? For some reason I am thinking they maybe. :confused:

If this idea does not float, I guess I will just match up my rear with the fronts and go with All Pro, but would prefer something cheaper.
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