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fox shox

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hey everybody i got a problem, i have the fox shox coilover setup on my p/u and i have a ripped schrader valve, do you think the shock just needs to be rebuilt or should i just try and recharge it with nitrogen, plus im having trouble finding a place to rebuild the shock if i have to here. help greatly appreciated
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briansc33 said:
The nitrogen acts as a lubricant, so if it all leaked out and you've been driving on it the shock is probably shot and will need to be rebuilt, Ihad the same problem
just talked to a guy in az at raceshock, his name was lee, he told me that this shock is a divided piston shock therefore the oil and gas(nitrogen) are independent of one another for the sole reason of shearing a schrader, so he told me that if i can get a schrader valve and just have it recharged i would be fine, which is awesome if it true :D
Scootn2nature said:
fabtechs directions are wrong put schrader toward engine

get a hold of mirage who rebuilds for fox via fabtech their really nice he sent me two for free and confirmed fabtechs goof up while I was on the phone screaming in a conference call with norcal rep for 4 wheel parts (boycott them) except they own alot of 4wd related companies.
yeah thats exactly what im gonna do once i get the new schrader valves and recharge, turn those valves inside.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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