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Hi all,

I'm a Bay Area native that started my offroad journey down in SoCal years ago. When I moved back north, my prerunner baja truck wouldn't cut it out here where 4x4 is a must. I've told myself for years that I'm going to build a NorCal truck, but it's never happened. Now I'm looking to buy an already built truck and could use some advice and some crawling buddies. I'm about a decade out of touch on what's out there, and I don't know much about building a crawling rig.

I currently have:

'86 22R Long Bed
uniball conversion, deaver leafs, 10" of wheel travel front and rear
2WD so she doesn't do so good up here :(

'97 V6 4Runner
4x4 - but completely stock
This is the truck I was supposed to build out, but it's just been my boring daily driver

Looking to buy:
1st gen Taco that's already capable of hitting the trails. Gotta be manual, and preferably 96-99. I've got my eye on a couple, and could use a ton of advice!


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