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ok so i was planning on doing a sas to the truck i bought buy bills came and im poor


I have a 85 front axle that has been cleaned up all the old useless pearchs cut off a trail gear diff armor welded on and a truss welded on.....

the axle is currently stripped because i was getting ready to do the knuckle rebuild which comes with it.....

i just picked up some 5.29 Yukon gears/thirdmember that was used.... the gears were installed by marlin and thats who i puchased them through It also have WARN PREMIUM HUBS which were brand new.

if you dont want he gears with it i have a 4.10 carrier

The PRICE THAT IM ASKING WITH EVERYTHING IS $550 Now that will put me at a loss for the axle gears and axle parts.

THIS PRICE IS FIRM $550 I will only Split up the carriers and with the 4.10 carrier the price will be $350


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