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AggieTaco said:
Posted in delphi:

Lately I've been noticing a grinding noise comming from the front driver's side wheel. At first I thought it was only happening with the brakes, but now it happens all the time except at full turn, and every once in a while it will silence for a minute. On my jeep it would have sounded like hub bearings, but I still dont know anything about the taco - so anyone know what this is? I usually do all my own work, so I dont want to take it to a shop, and finals are right around the corner so I dont really have time to open it up and check things out, just barely enough time to throw some money at it and get it working again for the 1200 mile trip home here in 2 weeks.
Thanks in advance for the replies.

Forgot to include that its a '98 Turd, not that it matters. All I'm really saying is that I dont know chit about IFS and was wondering what the equivalent to hub bearings would be on the Toy (maybe they are hub bearings?). It's nothing real bad, thought it was the brake's rubbing at first, but it does it without applying the brakes, which points me to hub bearings, or the like.
Sounds like the ding dong got left in the dohicky. :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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