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Only one response in newbie tech, I've searched since and haven't come up with anything so...

I've got a new noise/"vibration" in the front end of my truck.

'98 Taco 4x4 - manual hubs
Lifted about 2.5" in the front right now.

The Problem:
Only while slowing down, under about 5-8mph.
"Thump" noise, happens usually 2-4 times before coming to a stop.
Can feel it in the floorboard if I place me foot flat under the clutch.
Feels almost like when you're got a lump on a bald tire.
Occurs regardless of gear/neutral, 4x2/4x4, hubs unlocked/locked.
Seems to be tire RPM dependent.

My thoughts:
I'm at school now, but plan on checking what I can here, then more at home in about a week and a half. Please add to the list if you have any other thoughts.

1) Ball Joints
2) Tires/Rims
3) Brakes (rotors, calipers, pads)
4) Coilovers
5) Steering?
6) Hubs? (could probably stand to be rebuilt anyways)
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