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Front lock right, driving w/o front diff

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I got a set of 4.56 7.5" r&p to go along w/ the rear 4.56's the previous owner installed, I ordered the master install kit from PORC as well as a front lock right.

Ive seen posts of people saying "you wont be able to turn" etc.. Any input on that? I think a locker up front will be awesome, but dont want to take away my ability to turn in 4x4 if I want/need to. I have manual hubs for reference.

Also, am I able to drive (to work, etc) without the front diff on the truck? I was thinking of taking out the front diff, cv's and the front driveshaft from the transfer case for however long it takes to install the gears/locker. Better safe than sorry!

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Thanks alot for the reply. I think I'll sell the lock right that's coming from PORC, and just put in the 4.56's themselves and keep the front diff open for now. I go back home (lake tahoe) a few times a winter and wouldnt want anything bad to happen on the street in the snow, I also like being able to turn in 4wd. Maybe i'll get arb's front/rear.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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