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Front lock right, driving w/o front diff

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I got a set of 4.56 7.5" r&p to go along w/ the rear 4.56's the previous owner installed, I ordered the master install kit from PORC as well as a front lock right.

Ive seen posts of people saying "you wont be able to turn" etc.. Any input on that? I think a locker up front will be awesome, but dont want to take away my ability to turn in 4x4 if I want/need to. I have manual hubs for reference.

Also, am I able to drive (to work, etc) without the front diff on the truck? I was thinking of taking out the front diff, cv's and the front driveshaft from the transfer case for however long it takes to install the gears/locker. Better safe than sorry!

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I would think you could drive without the short CV axles not stuck in the control arm but the real problem you have is that road dirt can get into the front bearing area. There are seals on the inner side of the outer CV joint and the locking hubs or plate has a gasket to keep the road crap out from the outer side. In other words, just because it is possible, I don't think it is a good idea. My only reference is my 98 soooo. Hope this helps.
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