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Hopefully Section8tundra will see this post....he asked for it.

This is how I mounted my Superwinch Epi9.0 winch to my truck. No, it's not for climbing through rock gardens, or over waterfalls, but neither is the truck. It can, and has been able to unstick the truck, pull trees out of the road and remove stumps from the yard.

I started with a Hidden Hitch front receiver, it tucks up about as high as it could, so until I score that cheap TJM T100 bumper I really want, this is as high as the winch gets off the ground.

It mounts to the frame using the original tow hooks location plus adds a third bolt farther back to make a really solid connection

With the winch mounted to a Curt receiver winch plate, it wobbled a bit in the receiver. I added some simple angle iron brackets bolted to the receiver plate.

I welded 4 nuts to the receiver to bolt my brackets to it. Tighten all 8 bolts down and the winch no longer moves at all.

It seems solid enough, I've pushed the fairlead (when it had a roller fairlead) into a hillside doing a 37 point turnaround. I've dug it into a runoff swale at 35 mph in the forest trying to find a campsite before dark. Higher would be better, and if I ever get lots of free time I may remove the bumper cover and try to mount the receiver upside down on the frame to raise it up a bit. But for now it works, there when I need it and not there when the truck is doing it's DD thing.

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