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front springs

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I have a 98 extended cab v6 and am about to put a fisher plow on it that weights about 450 lbs. I would like to put some heavier front springs in to prevent sagging but I don't want much lift really. Has any one tried NWOR progressive springs? Any thing else out there that fits the bill?
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Man the Taco is just not a plow rig. I hate to say it but get yourself a Ford 250 for that shit. Plowing just tears a little truck apart.
I don't understand how people are using the term "coilover" on this board...being that a Tacoma has coilover front suspension, isn't one forced to replace it with a coilover assembly (unless they go to great lengths to modify the truck)? The coilover is the spring and the shock assembly, correct? Either I don't know what a coilover is or people all over the internet use the term incorrectly.
I know what a coil-over is, it's an ASSEMBLY, but it seems people often use "coil-over" to describe just the shock part of the assembly or just the spring part, which doesn't make sense.
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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