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front springs

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I have a 98 extended cab v6 and am about to put a fisher plow on it that weights about 450 lbs. I would like to put some heavier front springs in to prevent sagging but I don't want much lift really. Has any one tried NWOR progressive springs? Any thing else out there that fits the bill?
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97TacoDude said:
I don't understand how people are using the term "coilover" on this board...being that a Tacoma has coilover front suspension, isn't one forced to replace it with a coilover assembly (unless they go to great lengths to modify the truck)? The coilover is the spring and the shock assembly, correct? Either I don't know what a coilover is or people all over the internet use the term incorrectly.
Yeah, the term is correct for the stock equipment, but when people here say coilovers they mean Kings, Donahoes, and the others. It's basically understood that if you say "coilover" you mean aftermarket units like the hoes or whatever. Your question has been covered in the suspension section a few times.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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