Hello I have a 1grfe that I pulled out of a 2004 4runner.
The 4runner was flipped in an accident and totaled however the engine bay was perfectly fine. only side of car was damaged, so a friend had me pull the engine to sell for him.
The engine was running great when pulled I have a video of it that hopefully will work bellow.

The pictures have the airbox not attached but I have the air box and top plastics for the engine I just didnt feel like putting it back on for pics
Engine had 180k, rand like a champ, literally no leaks, and was maintained at a shop.

The only con is i did snap the inlet on the fuel rail in half, (driverside) which could be simple fix or replacing the fuel rail looks to cost about 100 bucks for used or aftermarket option.
Other than that this thing was pretty perfect.

I seen these going for 3k but Im just trying to flip it so I would do 1.5k for the engine maybe like 500 for the transmission.
I think thats fair but down to sell this guy so lets make a deal.

Pictures arent amazing ill grab better pics next time at the shop, didnt clean it or try and hide anything this is how it looks right after pulling it literally zero leaks kind of amazing to me cause my 22r s look like shit