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First up is a complete elocker rear axle from a first gen tacoma with abs. Has 130k miles on it. Housing started to weep oil and it was easier for me to buy a complete axle and swap compared to either swapping the housing or having a new rear cover welded to it.

Third hasn't been locked in over 2 years so the actuator might need cleaned up a bit. Asking $550.

Also have an Addicted Offroad front tube bumper for first gen tacomas. It's a 2 piece bumper--the bumper itself and a crossmember that it bolts to. Only selling the bumper, as the crossmember is welded in place of the factory bumper support.

Asking $300. Take both for $750.

Located in Indiana, PA, about an hour east of Pittsburgh/an hour west of Altoona.
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